Whatever happened to this guy?

"In the 90s, the media pitted two of America’s hottest music groups against one another, is an epic clash for pop culture supremacy." 


So I wrote an article today, about racism, sexism and homophobia in football, that was published by a major media outlet in Australia. This is what followed. Well, it’s a small snapshot of it.

Call it out, then this happens. Case in point. 

Onya, Erin.

Those outfits.


Milton Glaser, the creator of the ‘I love NY’ logo, has a new project: 

It’s not warming

It’s dying 

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Photo: Ana Terra Athayde

Sometimes while you are walking through the road of life
You might find yourself in one of life’s tunnels
It’s dark. It’s cold
And sometimes even a little bit scary
But don’t worry, for I am here
To remind you that everything is all right
All you have to do is follow the light
Kenny Warfield, “The Light At the End of the Tunnel”, Narratively


I tapped “human nature” AND “i still call Australia home” into Youtube hoping this existed. It does! And it has a Toby solo. ~feelings~

I thought that this articulate acknowledgement amounted to a kind of vaccine against the return of such diseased thinking, which has proven to be hopelessly naive.